3 thoughts on “My One and Only DMT Trip

  1. Had my first turn yesterday. You described the part with patterns and colours so well!
    For me at the Beginning I met the machine elfs, funny grinning and slightly smacking entities which were avidly fondling around in front Of me on my body, doing things that looked like folding Laundry or forming/aligning sand.
    Then it seemed as they tried to synchronize something of me with the patterns, kind of a dimension gate/tunnel opened and it was something telling my that I don’t have to breath anymore. I was close to finding a focus/synchronisation with the tunnel part. And as you mentioned it felt like something went up from my stomach through my mouth (at this part the people around saw me having my tongue a little out, like before a bad puke) but then I started to breath again and opened my eyes a little, seeing the room again and the people
    , with effects like on shrooms/lsd

    I felt extemely well and relaxed afterwards. No anxiety at all. Many details (the machine-elfs) popped up in my mind the day after.

    Yes it was overwhelming, and stunning. The chromium-polished style colours and patterns were the most wonderful thing I could imagine. So pure.
    We all did a good job (with cleaning the room with smoke before, hugging, blessing etc.)

    10/10 Experience. Would do it again.
    But definitely not for everybody. Be Careful!

    And you are a brave girl! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Ben – Oh wow thanks for sharing your trip report! I’m glad you had a positive experience even though it was an intense ride. DMT is a life-changer, yes? It sounds like a similar experience and the ending being like shrooms/LSD – yes. But the middle, where this reality is shuttered and replaced with a new one – intense! It’s a lot to process. How were the days after your trip integrating back into this reality?
      I still haven’t had the courage to do it again. Maybe someday. I am curious how you found this site as I rarely update it or pass it around. Much love, Julie.


      1. Hi Julie,

        I found this page within the first 3 Pages of results if i remember that right.
        Searching for dmt experience or the german search query.

        Your article was the one I liked most. Recognized so many details of my own experience and you described it so exceptionally well.

        What I felt was like entering another dimension and I saw some entities I never seen before. But there was no message or meaning in this. Just very colorful.
        I think I did not have that breakthrough.

        Back to normal life wasn‘t a problem. It kept me busy for a while but not that my perspective of life was totally changed or else.

        But since I had some other profound experiences with LSD and shrooms which were also mind altering in regards of life/death/existence topics, maybe I need to go deeper until DMT reveals some „answers“.
        I am not in a hurry but since it did not harm me at all, I will give it another try soon.

        All the best



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